2012 Plan 8 Showrooms

Since 2010 Plan 8 offers bespoke showrooms produced and managed by Plan 8, tailored to the brand’s specific needs as well as multi brand showroom spaces specialising in three areas: Luxury, Designers and Contemporary and Plan 8 Lab for emerging brands.

2005 Plan 8

Through Plan8, Jimenez has worked with a number of companies such as Couturelab.com, IMG Europe, Revillon, Yoox.com, Thecorner.com, Iqons.com, the Centre for Fashion Entreprise, London Fashion Week, White Milan and Bodymetrics, along with more than thirty fashion designers. An inveterate fashion and luxury resource, Rafael Jimenez specialises in building competitiveness and sales through the development of a brand’s attractiveness. He is also a strategic consultant for International organizations and a number of brands interested in positioning their products in the market in an innovative manner. He is a specialist of online retail ventures in the luxury market, and has worked with many companies internationally, developing new applications using state-of-the-art technology.

1997 Rafael Jimenez, Founder and Director

Rafael Jimenez has 20  years of experience in distribution and brand development, Rafael has an extensive network of stockists and partners, enabling any brand to build a solid presence in the wholesale distribution, retail and online spheres.
Born in Venezuela, Rafael Jimenez obtained a master in Political Science with a special interest in public image and communication. His affinity to fashion grew in parallel to his quest for an alternative approach to the Industry. Moving to Paris to complete an MBA in Fashion Marketing at the Institut français de la Mode, he worked for John Galliano and Comme des Garçons before founding Plan 8 in 2005 with the aim to tailor custom solutions using alternative methods to boost growth.